Yasmin & Zubier's wedding at Goosedale

I love Asian weddings but I very rearly get the opportunity to photograph one.

Meet Yasmin & Zubier. We had the pleasure of photographing their wedding day begining of August this year.

I was really looking forward to photographing their wedding at Goosedale, Nottingham. Yasmin is one of the loveliest people I have ever met. 

On her wedding day the organisation in her house was on full power. So many beautiful people, amazing jewellery and outfits and it was just unbelievable.

Yasmin choose not to married in a traditional red wedding dress. She choose a white dress with long train and a cathedral veil. I remember trying to find somewhere to hang it so I can capture it in full lenght. This was the heaviest dress I carried so it was challenging not to drop it.

At the meantime the guest were arriving at goosedale where Simon on duty. The weather was beautiful; clear blue skywith the sun beaming down on us wich is very rear for wedding photography in UK. Unfortunately the perfect sunny days made shooting outside extremely challenging. But the most important thing for us as a wedding photographers is to show the day the way it is.

Groom's entrance was spectacular and lively but bride's entrance was even more unexpected for the guests. Zubier arrived in stunning black Rolls Royce and Yasmin arrived in a white classic car, a gift from her auntie. 

When Yasmin entered the Garden room her eyes were full with tears of joy and love. Ill always remember Zubiers face at that moment; he was so happy and proud to marry this incredible lady.

Ceremony was relaxed and beautiful.

After the ceremony the newlywed couple spent their time outside having lots of photos and fun.

Group pics are BIG thing in Asian weddings. The bride and groom took photos with every guest. it is exosting but is a life time memory for everybody.

Yasmin's mother is a baker and she made the wedding cake. The traditional cutting of the cake was full with so many emotions and hilarious moments, especialy when Zubier's sister smashed some cake in his face :)

For me sending-off the bride to her new family is very difficult to capture. It is the most emotional moment in each Asian wedding and it just makes me cry. It was heartbreaking to watch one of her sisters and best friend. I know it was very difficult for her father to send her to her new husband. I am glad we captured these moments and I hope you will feel the emotion like I do every time I look at the pics.

I can say so much for Yasmin and Zubier's wedding day. It was such honour for us to capture their big day!


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